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Lauren Biddle

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Lauren Biddle is a graduate of the University of Arizona and former Treasurer for the Astronomy Club.

Research Experience

Using Kepler data and under the direction of graduate students at Steward Observatory, she studied stellar variability as a function of star cycle, star type, rotational period, and stellar activity.
Using data from the 12-meter radio telescope on Kitt Peak, and under the direction of Professor Yancey Shirley, she participated in the data reduction, and analysis of infall rates of cold molecular clouds in Perseus.
Using photometry of transiting extrasolar planets taken at our 61” optical Kuiper telescope and under the direction of employees of UA’s Lunar and Planetary Lab, she studied the potential connections between the magnetic fields of hot Jupiters and their host stars’ stellar magnetic fields, including the possibility of observable bow shocks and transit timing variations between different optical bands.
She was involved in collaboration with several institutions to take near-infrared photometry observations of Hot-Neptune GJ 3470b so as to provide constraints of planetary parameters in support of the exoplanet’s atmospheric characterization. In conjunction with this, she is interested in participating in spectroscopy and characterization of atmospheres.

Some of Her Past Goals

·      Write and submit a paper on the exoplanetary characterization of GJ 3470b

·      Complete the data reduction on the radio astronomy research project and assist in the publication of a paper on the infall of molecular clouds and potential proto star formation.

·     Continue my participation on the Kepler research project on stellar variability

·      Expand knowledge of coronal mass ejections, performing research at an REU for the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado.


She enjoys many other activities as well! She appreciate music of all types, whether it be Bach, Bruce Springsteen, Kaskade or Asking Alexandria. Her other hobbies include playing video games, softball, basketball, camping/fishing, and cooking.  She also play the piano whenever she has the opportunity. She loves art too, and she is talented with crafting and creative writing.

Her favorite movies are “Contact,” “The Shawshank Redemption,” “A Bronx Tale,” “Field of Dreams,” and of course, “Star Wars.”

Her favorite books are Phillip Paulman’s “His Dark Materials,” “The Lovely Bones,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and “The Giving Tree.”

You can follow her on twitter @lolobiddle.