Astronomy Club

University of Arizona

Jake Turner

Jake Turner received his undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona in Astronomy and Physics.

He works at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory for Dr. Caitlin Griffith performing research on Titan and exoplanets.  He has been in this position since Spring 2010. For his Titan research, he analyzes Cassini VIMS spectral images of Titan’s atmosphere with a plane parallel discrete ordinates radiative transfer model in order to determine accurate surface albedos and help constrain the composition of the surface. During this research, he helped discover and characterize the first methane lakes located in the tropical region of Titan. Additionally, he studies the atmospheres and magnetic fields of transiting exoplanets. He is the Principal Investigator and staff advisor for the Astronomy Club Exoplanet project.  See a list of publications here: Publications

Besides astronomy, he enjoys volunteering, biking, dancing, traveling, reading and theatre. He is an advocate for environmental activism and helped start the Residence Life Eco-Reps at the U of A.  His favorite hobby is photography.

“We support astronomy for the same reason we support a symphony orchestra, or an opera, or a poet. Because it distinguishes us as human.” Bart Bok