Astronomy Club

University of Arizona

Allison Towner

Allison Towner is a former student and 2012 University of Arizona
Astronomy Club President. She received her undergraduate degree in Astronomy and Physics, with a minor in Middle Eastern and North African Studies. She worked as a telescope operator for the Steward Observatory 21″
Raymond E. White Telescope on campus, as well as a grader
for the Astronomy Department’s NATS courses. She also worked in
the Steward Observatory Radio Astronomy Lab (SORAL) for Dr.
Christopher Walker
, working on several terahertz-receiver projects
(see and She conducted research on the inflow rate of gas from the
spiral arms of the Milky Way to the bulge through Clump 1 and Clump 2.
She was involved in two of the Astronomy Club’s research
projects (the transiting hot Jupiter TrES-3b and radio Planck
Early Cold Core project).

Outside of astronomy, she enjoys hiking, photography, travel, reading, and hapkido.