Astronomy Club

University of Arizona

Earth Sciences

Recommended Books

Elemental Geosystems by Robert W. Christopherson

Web Text


Skeptical Science Skepticism of global warming skepticism

Geology: Plate Tectonics

Ocean & Weather Basics

U.S. Geological Survey US Government funded Science organization, see About page for more information

Wave Motions in the Oceans Notes on this topic in geophysics

Geochemistry textbook Drafts of an unpublished book

Atlas of Igneous & Metamorphic Rocks, Minerals & TexturesOne Geology General geological maps for the earthAccuWeather Techniques of Satellite Imagery The green-screen weather backgrounds a reporter gestures at and other maps are explained.

Open Courseware

Tools / Reference / Exercises

Mineralogy database Most extensive online reference for minerals; includes photos, localities, and diagrams

Wolfram Alpha/ Earth Sciences A huge knowledge database for earth science which contains information about various topics

Bad Meteorology website about what actually causes meteorological events

EarthRef includes element concentrations of various reservoirs in different earth systems (in GERM section), and paleomagnetic data.

The Paleobiology Database collection-based occurrence and taxonomic data for marine and terrestrial animals and plants of any geological age

PhET Earth Science java apps hosted by University of Colorado, topics include glaciers and the greenhouse effect

RSOE EDIS Disaster and emergency alert map