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Outreach Project Descriptions

If you would like to participate in the development of these or future projects, or if you would like to have a demonstration at an event, please contact Marina Dunn, the current University of Arizona Astronomy Club Outreach Functionary, using the email address listed on our Contact page.

Planetarium Project: This past year, we built a portable planetarium that we can take with us to Star Parties! Now, if the weather keeps us from observing with telescopes, we can still look at the stars! For more information on this project, please contact Matthew Noyes, using the email address listed on our Contact page.

Local Astronomical Phenomena Project: We have completed 4 local star models; two of which are in use at the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter, one which currently resides in the Steward Observatory lobby, and one which we take to educational outreach events.  Additional projects in the planning stages are the Local Group of Galaxies, and Globular Clusters in our Galaxy.

Educational Outreach: We are always seeking out ways to educate the public about astronomy. Throughout the year we host star parties, participate in College of Science events, help out at local schools, and many other events.

Star Parties: Throughout the year we host star parties at various locations. We hold a regular FREE star party for the public at the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center every first Saturday of each month from 5:30-9pm, weather permitting. We safely look at the sun through telescopes with filters until sunset, at which time we look at other astronomical phenomena and track satellites as they cross the sky.

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