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Are you interested in having the Astronomy Club host a star party for your event or organization? Please click here or use the “Plan a Star Party” link to the right!

Sabino Canyon Star Parties:

Every first Saturday of the month, we host a FREE star party at the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center from 5:30-9PM. We typically bring 3 telescopes and look at the various wonders of the night sky. Everyone is welcome to join, and if you have a telescope of your own, feel free to bring it and set it up! We typically bring along models to illustrate sizes and distances in the universe, so come join us to learn something new!

Link to event flyer. Feel free to print out and distribute!

Map to Sabino Canyon.

Educational Materials:

If you are interested in donating educational materials or telescope components (eyepieces, etc.) to the Astronomy Club, please contact Nicole Zawadzki using the Contact Us page.

Ali with habitable zone

The Astronomy Club uses many different models and demonstrations for our outreach events. We are currently working on cataloging and uploading these activities, and will post them online as we do. It is our intention, and our hope, that teachers, students, and anyone who wants to learn more about astronomy and science will be able to use these activities themselves. All we ask is that, if you use one of our original ideas (not all of these activities were invented by us), that you please give us credit. Thank you, and enjoy!

Other Outreach and Events:


We hold other social and outreach events, including solar observing. Please see our Events Page and our Calendar for more detailed descriptions of those events!

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